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XTENDARAIL is proud to introduce a new and unique invention that will greatly improve safety in the Commercial and Petroleum industry.

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General protocol in the Commercial and Petroleum Industry is to maintain three points of contact when ascending and descending stairwells.  Xtendarail provides the device to allow general protocol to be followed at all times. A simple step on a button will Bring Safety to the Top!  We hope the following video will help you to understand and visualize Xtendarail.

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Helipads are increasingly being used on buildings like hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and oilfield structures in the Gulf of Mexico. All of these however, lack certain safety measures when arriving and departing; NO HANDRAIL on your first and last few steps.   


Xtendarail, it is the only product of its kind that features a handrail which extends 40 inches to obtain a secure and durable handrail for three-points of contact upon arrival and departure of helipads. The Xtendarail is designed to operate on 12-vdc. A battery and solar panel can also be used as primary or back up power. 

Easy to use, simply step on a foot switch mounted by the steps, Xtendarail then extends allowing you to maintain three points of contact from your very first step upon arrival. Once at the bottom flip a hand switch or foot switch and Xtendarail retracts. This allows for a safe helicopter departure where no tail rotor can come in contact with it.